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I'm Kaylee, the online marketing and branding enthusiast, and I'm so excited to meet you!

I am on a mission to empower YOU to take action with your business or new idea.


Whether you are brainstorming an idea that you want to develop into a professional brand or you want to accelerate your business online - I have the tips, tricks and tools, to guide you.  

Kaylee has done the most beautiful transformation on the branding of my company.


She created the exact vision I had in my head

and gave me ideas and suggestions I had never thought of before.

The process of redesigning my entire logo, website, all company and product documents, business cards, signs - you name it, was an absolute pleasure.


Even many months later I still receive daily compliments on my branding and the way in which it is presented.

—  Tyla P - Touch of Magic


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